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Printer friendly dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus - the free dictionary 4,289,449,701 visitors served. viagra sale Forum join the word of the day mailing list for webmasters thefreedictionary google bing? viagra without prescription Word / article starts with ends with text dictionary/thesaurus medicaldictionary legaldictionary financialdictionary acronyms  idioms encyclopedia wikipediaencyclopedia? Syndrome (redirected from paraneoplastic syndrome)    also found in: dictionary/thesaurus, medical, wikipedia 0. 01 sec. viagra pills Syndrome med any combination of signs and symptoms that are indicative of a particular disease or disorder syndrome [′sin‚drōm] (medicine) a group of signs and symptoms which together characterize a disease. viagra 25 mg side effects Also known as complex. Syndrome  a specific combination of disease symptoms determined by a single pathogenesis. viagra side effects hearing loss A syndrome is not equivalent to a disease as a nosologic form, since the causes of a syndrome may be different. For example, meningeal syndrome, or irritation of the meninges, may be a result of the disruption of cerebral circulation (subarachnoid hemorrhage) and a menin-gococcic infection, and uremic syndrome is the final stage of many kidney diseases. sweet-vibrations.com/tkj-generic-viagra-online-canada-cost-bk/ The basic symptoms of a syndrome are revealed upon the direct observation of an afflicted individual; these symptoms may include stomach pain, vomiting, muscular tension in the anterior abdominal wall, and blumberg’s sign, which indicates peritoneal irritation with acute abdomen. how long do viagra side effects last Other syndromic symptoms are revealed through laboratory and instrumental methods; for example, changes in an electrocardiogram indicate wolff-parkinson-white syndrome, which is a specific form of abnormal myocardial function. Modern medicine distinguishes approximately 1,500 syndromes. Many are named in honor of those who discovered them, for example, the morgagni-adams-stokes syndrome, or paroxysmal oligemia of the brain caused by a heart block, whose symptoms include syncope and convulsions. Other syndromes are named in honor of those in whom they were first observed or in honor of literary figures. For example, munchausen’s syndrome is a mental condition characterized by false complaints of bleeding and functional di. viagra in canada for sale buy viagra without prescription To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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