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Skip navigation american cancer society - the official sponsor of birthdays. ™ español asian & pacific languages 1-800-227-2345 watch us on youtube follow us on twitter follow us on facebook donate » american cancer society | information and resources for cancer: breast, colon, lung, prostate, skin learn about cancer cancer list view stay healthy find support & treatment explore research get involved my acs set your preferences close learn about cancer find information and resources for a specific cancer topic print » share » share this page close push escape to close share window. Email this to: (email address) from: (email address) message: add this facebook twitter myspace delicious see all » save » saved this article close push escape to close saved articles window. buy viagra without prescription My saved articles » my acs » ovarian cancer detailed guide early detection, diagnosis, and staging ovarian cancer + - text size download printable version [pdf]â» early detection, diagnosis, and staging topics document topics can ovarian cancer be found early? How is ovarian cancer diagnosed? How is ovarian cancer staged? viagra for sale Survival by ovarian cancer stage go â» see a list â» can ovarian cancer be found early? cost viagra vs viagra How is ovarian cancer diagnosed? How is ovarian cancer staged? Survival by ovarian cancer stage previous topic how is ovarian cancer diagnosed? Next topic survival by ovarian cancer stage how is ovarian cancer staged? Staging is the process of finding out how widespread a cancer is. Most ovarian cancers that are not obviously widespread are staged at the time of surgery. One of the goals of surgery for ovarian cancer is to obtain tissue samples for diagnosis and staging. generic viagra canada In order to stage the cancer, samples of tissues are taken from different parts of the pelvis and abdomen and examined under the microscope. Staging is very important because ovarian cancers have a different prognosis at different stages and are treated differently. The accuracy of the staging may determine whether or not a patient will be cured. generic viagra online If the cancer isn’t properly staged, then cancer that has spread outside the ovary may be missed and not treated. viagra canada online Once a stage has been given it does not change, even when the cancer comes back or spreads to new locations in the body. dove comprare viagra online forum Ask your cancer care team to explain the staging procedure. Also ask them if they will perform a thorough staging procedure. can girls use viagra After surgery, ask what your cancer's stage is. can girls use viagra In this way, you will be able to take part in making informed decisions about your treatment. One of the reasons why it is important to be operated on by a gynecologic oncologist is that you are more likely to be properly staged. can girls use viagra Ova. viagra coupon To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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