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                    babes dating tips sex issues sex tips fine living career for elite lifestyle money & business wine & dine gear gadgets watches health & fitness diet & eating mind & body natural remedies weight management wellness machines bikes cars gym style & grooming accessories appearance fashion tips hair care top 10 videos         signs & symptoms of hemophilia 0 posted april 13, 2012 by ruhi garg in health & fitness gd star rating loading… hemophilia is an inherited coagulation disorder that causes abnormal exaggerated bleeding. viagra 20 bayer It is a sex linked disorder and has 2 types: hemophilia a and hemophilia b. Hemophilia a is also known as classic hemophilia and is due to inherited deficiency of clotting factor viii. buy viagra online Other name of hemophilia b is christmas disease and it occurs due to inherited deficiency of factor ix. viagra for women australia Hemophilia a is more common than hemophilia b. Hemophilia is inherited as x-linked recessive trait, therefore it manifests clinically in males and females are carriers of the disease. Hemophilia is also called as royal disease because queen victoria was carrier of this bleeding disorder. results from viagra Signs and symptoms of hemophilia hemophilic patients suffer from bleeding for hours or days after injury. buy viagra for men Bleeding can involve any organ but occurs most commonly into the muscles and the joints. cheap generic viagra Clinical presentation of hemophilia a and hemophilia b is similar. â  signs and symptoms of hemophilia depend upon activity of clotting factors viii and ix. Severity of disease is dependent on severity of clotting factor deficiency. buy viagra Hemophilia can be mild, moderate or can be severe. viagra young people Mild hemophilia mild hemophilics have level of affected clotting factor more than 10 percent and may be even up to 50 percent. how much does 5mg viagra cost They usually bleed after major surgery or trauma and may not even be diagnosed until they are adolescents. Viagra buy south africa Moderate hemophilia activity of affected clotting factors is more than 2 percent in moderate hemophilia. viagra for bph dosage Moderate hemophilia is usually diagnosed after 6 months of birth because there is no physical activity during initial months. Can get viagra prescription online Bleeding episodes occur following minor injury or surgery. cheap generic viagra Severe hemophilia photo credit: imbitchin. viagra for bph dosage Com/blerg/internet-marketing-gossip/imtw-death-by-a-thousand-cuts/ clotting factor level is less than 2 percent in severe hemophilia. Severe hemophilics are diagnosed at birth because of exaggerated abnormal bleeding. cheap viagra online Severe bleeding into joints and muscles occur in this condition. Bleeding into joints is called as hemarthrosis and bleeding into muscles is called as hematomas. Spontaneous bleeding into the joints produces pain, swelling and tenderness of the joints. viagra online Most commonly affected joints are hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint which are weight bearing joints. buy viagra for men â  elbow and wrist joints are also affected. Recurrent joint bleeding can also cause disorganization of joints. viagra without a doctor prescription In case of joint destruction, joint replacement surger. viagra for bph dosage buy viagra Date Created: Fri Oct 1 09:00:48 2010

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